La Cité de la Mer’s virtual animation for all the family

After visiting the aquarium, it’s time for YOU to be the hero…

Our virtual adventure “Walking into the Depths” will whisk you off for a voyage through the depths of the ocean. We guarantee that you’ll be thrilled by this sensational attraction!

La Cité de la Mer exhibition centre asked Captain Glass, a worthy successor to Captain Nemo, to take you right down to the bottom of the ocean on board the Hadalys, the latest in virtual simulators and underwater exploration capsules.

The Captain and his crew will keep an eye on you and help you out, while you go down to the inhospitable world of the ocean depths just as they were when they were discovered scarcely fifty years ago by the first deep-sea explorers. There, before your very eyes, will be revealed countless seascapes, as strange as they are beautiful, a world bathed in a strange darkness where little-known species of amazing underwater animals live.

Training for budding heroes

On a marché sous la merBut, before you can go into this strange land, you have to go on the training course. So you must go to Hadale 31, the secret underwater base in our centre. Captain Glass and his staff will teach you the rudiments, and your senses will become accustomed to the conditions you will encounter as you go down to the depths of the ocean. And now you’re ready to go back to the Hadalys and be the star of this virtual adventure taking place 10,000 metres under the sea.

You’ll never forget your trip to this enchanted world, or your visit to our aquarium.

Take a souvenir of the adventure home with you!

Experience an extraordinary adventure and go home with a souvenir photo* of your epic journey under the sea!

*Prices are available in the centre

On a marché sous la mer