Emigration at the heart of your history

Titanic retour à Cherbourg, La Cité de la Mer_3_2

Scarcely one year after the permanent “Titanic, return to Cherbourg” exhibition opened, new interactive attractions have been added to the Baggage Hall, giving further insight into emigration. Historical reality is preserved, and visitors can identify with the enormous numbers of people who crossed the Atlantic to leave Europe. 8 new touch-screen tablets and two giant projections of the faces of men, women and children make visiting the exhibition a really moving experience.


First two interactive tablets : “Could you have become an American citizen?” These interactive tablets confront the visitor with the extremely strict questionnaires that candidates for emigration had to fill in when they arrived in Ellis Island, running the risk of being sent back. A new experience for you, before you watch the film “In the footsteps of emigrants”.

The six following interactive tablets : “Was one of your ancestors an emigrant?” In previous years, when visitors were getting to know the migrants better by searching through their luggage and the personal effects they were taking with them, they might have wondered whether one of their ancestors was among them. The answer to the question is in the genealogy data base into which they can enter their name. Several possibilities are available, based on the person’s surname or geographical roots. Visitors can find out whether they are descended from an emigrant, and if in fact the exhibition they are touring is part of their own history.