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"Having read the reviews I was keen to visit this attraction during the hours when our ship was at Cherborg. Myself and my 15 year old daughter both thoroughly enjoyed each of the four attractions and would recommend the place. The entrance charge was very reasonable and included the four attractions. The aquarium was beautifully set out with large tanks and a good variety of fish etc. The tank with the jelly fish was particularly stunning. There were lots of exhibits and information housed over a number of floors. Next we visited the Titanic exhibition. Again, nicely laid out with plenty of information ( in English as well as French) and lots of recreated cabins etc. then we went on to Marche sous la Mer. We were unsure what to expect here but were given headsets providing English commentary which was essential. Briefly, each group was 'trained' for a trip in a underwater vessel which concluded with a ride in a simulator. It was really good fun and afterwards the de-brief held some amusing surprises which I'm not going to spoil by revealing!! Lastly we went inside the submarine which was fascinating. I would highly recommend this place and suggest you allow 2-4 hours as there is so much to see it would be a pity to have to rush. There is something for everyone and I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit." Jackie C -  2013 May
"The exhibition is very touching if you take your time and immerse into the scenario and watch all the movies. You'll get goosebumps if you don't rush through it. Even better is the fact that this exhibition mirrors the Ellis Island Immigration Museum of NY - you will see the two sides of the medal. Great work! Must see!" Antje - 
"This is more of history of sea exploration than an aquarium. Although there are various fish displays, the majority of the exhibitions are not really suitable for young children. It was costly enough for what it was, especially as children under 5 are not allowed to interact with the all of the exhibitions, yet you will be fully charged. My young children spent most of the time playing at the splash pool. My teenagers complained of boredom. The bathroom facilities were not the best."
"Our transAtlantic cruise ship was docked next to La Cite de la Mer, which made for an easy entrance. Housed in an old terminal, before the entrance booth, there are a number of underwater submersibles with lots of valuable explanations in French and English. The Titanic Exhibit was in memory of the ship that had stopped in Cherbourg before heading out to the Atlantic Ocean. It was interesting to see the contrasts of the First Class and 2 or 3rd class accomodations. Learning that there were locked gates keeping the "lower classes" from using the "upper class" facilities ensured that those people had no means of escape before the ship went down. (I was very glad that part of our journey was over.) The exhibits are easy to navigate and there are ample places to sit to watch short film clips. I think a highlight was the nuclear sub because the audio device provided commentary on what we were seeing. It maybe pricey, but worth every penny (and I don't often say that)."
"This is a very good place to visit, especially if you are waiting to return home on a Cherbourg ferry. There looks to be a very nice restaurant - so build this into your trip. They say that you need 5 hours to see everything, but if you go late - beware it is €18.00 per person for entry. The submarine visit is really good."
"Not sure how many of you have visited a nuclear submarine.I did. And it was fascinating. The sub is located in the City of the Sea Museum in Cherbourg.It easily reachable by car from the city. or by foot from the ferry port (1.5 Km walk ). They permit entry till 1.5 hours prior to closing. The museum itself is located on quite big grounds. You will see there all you need to know about diving,and under water marine exploration.The Sub itself is located on grounds.You get a persona; head phone that will have the captain taking you on a tour in the SUB.DO NOT RUSH!!.it will take you 45 minutes to complete the tour. Cherish every minute .Take pictures.!Its great.The captain will give you fascinating facts and figures regarding the SUB. .Enjoy (I did).The rest of the Museum also has a TITANIC exhibition 9 as Cherbourg was one of the ports it called prior to its disaster .I am afraid the Sub will not be friendly to people with walking disabilities."
"È un museo interessante, ma soprattutto vivo e vivace, il viaggio sul fondo del mare con filmato annesso è imperdibile. Discorso a se è il sommergibile nucleare, si può toccare con mano quello che si è visto in molti films nulla a che vedere con altri sommergobili esposti in altri musei del mondo. Per chi passa da Cherbourg è una visita obbligatoria." Marco R - 


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