In Normandy: a unique collection of manned craft, epitomising deep-sea diving…

This unique collection is on display in the entrance hall of the Transatlantic liners’ Terminal. As soon as you arrive, you will be plunged into the epic journeys of the oceanauts who went down thousands of metres in these wonderful machines!

The manned chamber is the common element found in all the machines, enabling people to dive down to the ocean depths in complete safety. One of the aims of the Great Hall and the Men celebrated by La Cité de la Mer is to help you feel for yourselves the highly unusual conditions on board the machines when they were underwater.

Technical explanations are provided, together with the story of each machine: maximum submergence depth, diameter of the manned chamber, crew size, type of vessel, number of dives…

Manned submarines in the Great Hall

Come with your family or with friends and discover our new staging with:

Archimedes and its new manned chamber showing the size of the observation post in this machine that took men down to a depth of 9,545 metres (31,315 feet) in 1962.

The Beebe & Barton bathysphere: a full-scale model, 1.45 metres in diameter! These two crazy explorers went down to 900 metres in 1934, with only a cable connecting them to the surface!

But there is also a host of other fascinating vessels: actual submarines, models of submarines, and photos of submarines: Globule, Nautile, Alvin, Fulton’s Nautilus, Total Sub, Cyana, Tourelle Galeazzi, Shinkai and Mir.La Cité de la Mer_deepsea challenger_sous marin de james cameron

A new arrival in The Great Gallery of Men and Machines:
The DEEPSEA CHALLENGER life size replica (24 feet – 7.3 meters) used by James Cameron to do his record-breaking 35,787-foot (10,908-metre) solo dive to the deepest known place on Earth.

And last but very much not least Le Redoutable which comes next in your visit to La Cité de la Mer.