NEW: DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, James Cameron’s submarine, is in La Cité de la Mer


DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, mock-up over 8 meters high, being set up in the Great Gallery of Men and Machines February 12th,2014.

In 1960, Don WALSH and Jacques PICCARD on board the Trieste – a massive blimp-like submersible – descended to 10,916 meters to the Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the ocean located in the Mariana Trench. They became the first people to observe the dark underworld of one of Earth’s most extreme environments. No-one had gone back to Challenger Deep until March 26 2012, when James CAMERON, as a National Geographic explorer-in-residence, made a record-breaking solo dive (10,908 meters) in a custom-built submersible that he co-designed: the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER.

James CAMERON is the first person in history to reach the Challenger Deep as a solo pilot and only the third to visit it. James CAMERON’s extensive scientific investigation of the Challenger Deep, including 3D imaging now being used by scientists worldwide, yielded numerous scientific gains including the discover of several new deep-sea species.

More information about the expedition:


Deepsea Challenger_James Cameron Deepsea Challenger_vue intérieure Deepsea Challenger
Deepsea Challenger Deepsea Challenger Deepsea Challenger

Let’s see how the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER moved in La Cité de la Mer :