To download a picture to colour in, click on its name. You can see what they look like by clicking on the image next to them.

Colouring octopus   Wreck explorer
Starfish with lifebelt Octopus listening to music
A reminder note    Submarine
Damselfis Sea horse
Ray  The Nautili
Spider crab Clown anemonefish
Female green birdmouth wrasse   Male green birdmouth wrasse

Christmas at the North Pole !

Have fun – print out the North Pole background, the animals and Father Christmas in the submarine. Cut out all the shapes. Then you can colour them in and stick them onto the background !
North Pole background La Cite de la Mer dessin ours polaire Polar bear
Father Christmas in the submarine La Cite de la Mer_ dessin guillemot de brunnick Brunnich’s Guillemot
La Cité de la Mer dessin belouga White whale Walrus
La Cite de la Mer dessin narval Narwhal whale Seal
La Cite de la Mer dessin rorqual bleu Blue whale