A personalised welcome for your handicap

We undertake that all our visitors experience the same conditions when visiting La Cité de la Mer, another sign of the quality of the welcome we provide. We feel it is indispensable to provide all the resources required to help disabled people have access to leisure activities.

We naturally chose to apply for the official Tourism & Handicap seal of approval. We have implemented measures such as buying a wheelchair, adapting the height of multimedia equipment, and providing guide books in Braille for our visitors.

These measures have enabled us to obtain three Tourism & Handicap seals of approval:

The centre has been designed to allow access by visually impaired visitors


La Cité de la Mer also takes part in a great number of operations and events open to members of the public with a disability, such as the Buissonnières, or the Tourism & Handicap Days.



Show your handicapped person’s pass and you can benefit from the reduced rate

Complete visit:

Adults €13.00
Children from 5 to 17 inclusive €9.50


Visit La Cité de la Mer as many times as you like for one year at a special rate with the compliCité Pass:

Adults  €18.00
Children from 5 to 17 inclusive €14.50