Motor disability

What will you find when you get here?

The centre was adapted when it was opened to provide access for visitors in wheelchairs:

  • Access ramp up to the main entrance,
  • Height of ticket sales windows adapted,
  • Optical reader for specific access checking,
  • Adapted toilet facilities,
  • Lifts at each end of the building to facilitate access to the next floor,
  • Simulator positions adapted to enable viewing by wheelchair users,

The “Walking into the Depths” show was also designed to enable two wheelchair users to take part each time.

As it is not possible for people with a motor disability to go round the submarine, a space has been set aside inside her for them to watch a film about Le Redoutable.

A wheelchair is available for our users. In order to make sure that it will be available when you visit, please phone +33 (0)2 33 20 26 69.