Pen Pal Project


Participate in our correspondence project between English and French students!



In anticipation of your visit to La Cite de la Mer with your school group, plan to participate in the Pen Pal Project organised by La Cite de la Mer between students of the town of Cherbourg and English students.

Each year, La Cité de la Mer welcomes over 2,000 school children from all over the UK and we propose to establish correspondences and then intercultural encounters at La Cité de la Mer.

A simple project based on a linguistic correspondence, La Cité de la Mer offers to connect the students at your school with Cherbourg students of a similar age group.

There are many areas of potential common interest: the relevant classes can share information about their cities, Normandy and of course La Cité de la Mer .We will be able to provide you with communication tools on our website, which will provide conversation ideas about themes developed by La Cité de la Mer:

– The 70th anniversary of D-Day and the temporary exhibition “1944-2014: Cherbourg: And freedom came from the Sea.”

– The submarine “Le Redoutable”: Movements and forces.

– The Abyssal Aquarium: The World of the living.

– Titanic and emigration: European emigrants.

– A quiz on all areas of our site.

The principle of these exchanges will make particular sense on the day of your visit at La Cité de la Mer, as we suggest you organise to visit with the French students with whom your class will have been corresponding.

If you’re interested in this project please contact:

Caroline BONNISSENT : + 33 (0)2 33 20 26 46 or