In 2012 La Cité de la Mer was extended, to house the exhibition that has its like nowhere else in France, “Titanic, return to Cherbourg”, about the history of European emigration to the New World and about the legendary liner that called at Cherbourg on 10th April 1912.




Your visit will take you through the magnificent art Deco Baggage Hall where you will discover the experiences of emigrants, and then you will embark on the area dedicated to the Titanic, in a decor reconstituting the three stages in the liner’s last journey: the crossing, the collision, and the sinking of the ship.


To keep up with all the news about the exhibition: for photos that have never been shown in public, and for other exclusive information … come to “Titanic, return to Cherbourg” Facebook page: click here :

And to find out all about the story of the Titanic, go to http://cherbourg-titanic.com/en/


The Baggage Hall dedicated to the history of European emigration     The area dedicated to the Titanic (1)    The area dedicated to the Titanic    The area dedicated to the enquiry