A virtual adventure, starring YOU!

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The adventure, that takes place in the heart of the secret “Hadale 31” base, is a 50-minute long immersive trip that transports explorers into the depths of the ocean.
Led by Captain Glass, a worthy descendant of Captain Nemo, the crews take short sessions preparing them for their voyage. Young and old alike learn together the basic skills for communicating underwater before making sure that they are not going to be seasick.

Once you’re ready, you’ll be off to the Hadalys capsule! On board the simulator you begin a virtual dive down into the mysterious, inhospitable world of the ocean depths! You will encounter whales, underwater volcanoes, and other surprises during your immersion…

The virtual trip is accessible for reduced-mobility persons

An adventure that you will never forget, as you can take home a souvenir photo (available immediately – see terms and conditions on the spot).