The largest submarine open to the public in the world!

Try your hand at being a submariner as you embark onto Le Redoutable

Once you have gone through the massive door, armed with your audio guide, you’re inside the submarine Le Redoutable. This jewel of the French navy, the first in a set of six SSBNs (Submersible Ships, Ballistic, Nuclear-powered), was launched in Cherbourg on 29 March 1967 by General de Gaulle.

Tour Le Redoutable, a submarine of exception

A tour of the submarine will take you down into the bowels of the ship, which is 128 metres (420 feet) long and 10.60 metres (nearly 25 feet) in diameter. You’ll be surprised by the narrow passageways, but will be able to imagine how the two 135-man crews spent their time during their 70 day patrols, when there were always crew members on duty 24 hours a day.

From the engine rooms to the bunks, not to mention the operating theatre and the operations navigation control room or “OPs room” with the familiar shape of the periscopes, you’re completely submerged in Le Redoutable. After spending 35 minutes visiting the submarine, you’re all set to go back to the harbour basin.



Le Redoutable, Cherbourg: Walking under the Giant

After going down into the basin made to take the Giant that epitomises the French navy, you will see the submarine in another light … It’s so enormous it will take your breath away… There are lively information panels along the way, explaining how we managed to get the 128-metre-long Redoutable into a space that is only 136 metres long, how a nuclear-powered submarine works, what the crew do with their household waste, … and what do French submariners call “golden ears”?…

Under the submarine Le Redoutable

Under the submarine Le Redoutable

More info about Le Redoutable nuclear-powered submarine

The French submarine, Le Redoutable, spent 90,000 hours underwater and covered 1,270,000 kilometres, 32 times the circumference of the Earth!

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