Dive into the adventure : «The Ocean of The Future»

Our new permanent exhibition for families

Come to La Cité de la Mer to experience a brand new adventure : « The Ocean of the Future ». Through 3 floors of spectacular multimedia display, discover the Ocean, the last wild region of the planet. During your family trip, you will marvel at 17 stunning aquariums full of life and colour, especially our abyssal aquarium 11 metres deep.

With the kids, you will share incredible moments of wondering thanks to large glass screens displaying dolphins, sharks and whales… You will also be surprised by the mysterious world of the infinitesimally small : Plankton ! Did you know that plankton is the source of 50% of the oxygen on the planet?

From the surface to the bottom of the sea, our new exhibition reveals our blue planet and her promises. A world we need to protect now!

New ! Click here before you start your visit to discover the species presented in our aquariums in the heart of the exhibition « The Ocean of the Future ».