A moving trip into the past

In the Baggage Hall, in the heart of the original Transatlantic liner terminal …

The Baggage Hall. In the centre of the art-deco transatlantic liner terminal is a series of images and accounts of the greatest exodus mankind has ever known: emigration to the Americas. Using interactive displays, tablets and dynamic screens, visitors get right into the heart of the life of the emigrants.

Relive the legend

As you go down a staircase that seems to follow the hull of Titanic, you enter a world of legend. Scenes showing the crossing and the shipwreck come to life as you go round the exhibition. Every 30 minutes the same story is repeated – the crossing, the collision, the ship sinking. Each part of the vessel is covered – the bridge, the first-class, second-class and steerage areas, the sorting office, the navigation bridge, the central reception room.

As we emerge from this experience, there is a room dedicated to the investigations that followed the sinking of the Titanic, which finally led to the wreck of the celebrated White Star Line vessel being discovered, with the field of debris surrounding it.

There is a lift to take reduced-mobility persons to the area dedicated to Titanic.


Take control!