La Cité de la Mer: something for all the family

In Normandy, our leisure park takes you on an extraordinary voyage bringing for a closer look at the world’s oceans

Spend a whole day exploring mankind’s adventures as they conquer the ocean depths. Admire the surprising biodiversity that is on show, and dream of being at the helm of an underwater vessel!

  • Go on board Le Redoutable, the largest submarine* open to the public in the world. Our steel giant is celebrating her fiftieth birthday in 2017 with a new audio guide for family !
  • Marvel at the 1,200 brightly coloured fish in our 17 pools, including the spectacular, 11 metre-deep, Abyssal Aquarium.
  • Relive the legend of Titanic, from her stopover in Cherbourg until the night of the shipwreck.
  • Explore a unique collection of iconic machines that have all taken part in deep-sea diving operations.
  • Enjoy yourselves with a virtual adventure in the ocean: “Walking into the Depths”