The Ocean of the Future

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The Great Gallery of Men and MachinesSubmarines that have changed the course of History

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Le RedoutableA record of the first nuclear-powered submarines

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Titanic, Return to Cherbourg

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TitanicArtefacts and stories

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La Cité de la Mer in the heart of adventure!

La Cité de la Mer is located within the former transatlantic liner terminal dating from the 1 930’s. This magnificent building has been included in the additional inventory of historical monuments and welcomes some of the most prestigious cruise liners stopovers. Its ambition is to let you discover in a daytime visit the fantastic human adventure of the conquest of the great depths.

Spend a whole day exploring mankind’s adventures as they conquer the ocean depths.

  • Go on board Le Redoutable, the largest submarine* open to the public in the world. Our steel giant is celebrating her fiftieth birthday in 2017 with a new audio guide for family!
  • THE OCEAN OF THE FUTURE: 3 floors of spectacular multimedia displays and 17 stunning aquariums full of life and colour.
  • Relive the legend of Titanic, from her stopover in Cherbourg until the night of the shipwreck.
  • Explore a unique collection of iconic machines that have all taken part in deep-sea diving operations.
  • Enjoy yourselves with a virtual adventure in the ocean: “Walking into the Depths”.



We invite you to check out this episode of Ed Finn Travels, a show broadcasted on the Irish channel Virgin Media. In this episode, Ed Finn brings you to Normandy, France, to discover its must-see wonders and specialities.

From 18:00 to 19:18 minutes, you can discover our beautiful Cité de la Mer and its submarine Le Redoutable (the biggest submarine open to the public), located at Cherbourg’s Transatlantic Liners Terminal and named France’s Favorite Monument in 2022, as well as the exhibitions Titanic: Return to Cherbourg, The Ocean of the Future and the Great Gallery of Men and Machines.