43 artifacts of the Titanic tell the story of the mythical liner.

This is a unique visit in Normandy! In the permanent exhibition dedicated to the Titanic, 43 new artifacts that travelled on board the most legendary of ocean steamships are presented in a new scenography. The exhibition “Titanic, artifacts and stories” tell the stories of some of the passengers of the Titanic.

In partnership with RMS TITANIC, INC, La Cité de la Mer presents a new selection, from the collections conserved in Atlanta, USA, of artifacts that were all being carried on board the most famous of ocean steamships: the Titanic.

In the exhibition: after listening to the testimonies of the crew, including Captain Smith, discovering a unique full-scale reconstruction of a 1st-class cabin of the Titanic or traveling through the 3rd-class corridors, the exhibition located in the central space under the projection of the grand staircase awaits you to reveal new stories of passengers…

Take the time to observe each artifact and travel through the Belle Epoque. Back to between 10 April and 14 April 1912. After a stopover in Cherbourg, then in Queenstown in Ireland, the Titanic began her maiden voyage with a tragic fate. On board are Berthe Mayné, a Belgian 1st-class passenger, Franz Pulbaum, a German 2nd-class passenger, William Allen, an English 3rd-class passenger, Marian Meanwell, an English 3rd-class passenger… There was supposed to be Howard Irwin, a mysterious American 3rd-class passenger. Even though he never embarked, you will however discover some artifacts from his luggage recovered at a depth of 3,800 metres in the North Atlantic.

Howard’s clarinet and sheet music, a child’s toy box from Franz, Berthe’s wallet and pendant, a cloth purse from Marian or William’s fountain pen… some of the items belonging to them are there in front of you, after being submerged for over 70 years.

This exhibition also reveals, thanks to pieces of the liner’s equipment such as a marine chronometer, a whistle timer or a thermometer, the modernity of the on-board equipment for the time. Next to them, a part of a chandelier or carafes in cut crystal testify to the luxury and refinement de rigueur on board the Titanic.