Relive the story of the conquest of the depths of the ocean through a set of “key depths” with their dates.

First stage, the myths and legends about the mysterious world of the ocean depths. From ancient times to the Enlightenment, nothing came to change this lore, and for a very good reason. Our exhibition explains that the abyss under the sea was the unknown, a hidden domain about which Man’s imagination could run riot.

During the next technical stage you will go down to the ocean depths with these daredevil inventers and their improbable craft that were either totally surrealistic or absolutely brilliant. From the first explorers who made the first discoveries about the area covering 7/10 of the Earth’s surface, the world under the sea will thrill you. Hurry up and come and find out about it.

The world under the sea as you have never seen it before …

Un monde a explorer , les fonds marinsDuring the last stage of discovery of the world under the sea, explorers went even further. Down to depths that can only be reached using the most sophisticated technologies such as bathyscaphs or submarines. You’ll see it all and understand what happened from the time these machines were thought up and then put into service, and you’ll be able to experience it all. Once you’ve gone right down to the depths of the ocean why don’t you take the controls of a submarine, a virtual one of course?


Le poisson vache   The submarine pole  Jellyfish  The ocean pole (1)

The Cherbourg Abyssal Aquarium

The Cherbourg aquarium takes you from the light to the murky depths…

At 11 metres deep, it is the deepest aquarium in Europe, but apart from its amazing scale, it is also a life space full of colours.

The glass is 33 centimetres (over a foot) thick, giving you a vantage point to observe over 1,000 tropical fish, which would usually be found swimming around a Tahiti atoll.